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Veteran's Day Ceremony
Speaker Series "Nutrition" (pdf)
Garbage Collection will be Monday and Thursday town wide starting Oct 4th
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Recycling Vehicle Sticker to be Issued
Bay Head Master Plan Dec 15, 2021 (pdf)
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Bay Head Introduced Budget 2022 (pdf)
Update on Flood Mitigation Action Plan – July 12, 2022 – 7 PM
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Mayor's Hour, July 6th in Borough Hall - Court Room 6-7pm
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Message from the Mayor Regarding Your Electric Bill
Ordinance 2021-16 Drone Ordinance Amended (pdf)
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Dates For $85 Million Phase 4 Emergency Assistance Grant Program
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Bayberry Lane, Egbert Street and Club Drive Road Improvements
Important Message regarding the Small Business Lease Emergency Assistance Grant Program
Mayor's Beach Update - February 22, 2021 (Click this link for additional information)
Environmental Resource Inventory Available for Public Review
Professional Services Request for Qualifications and Proposals for 2021
Raccoons Test Positive For Rabies. Up-To-Date Vaccinations For Pets Is Encouraged.
Financial Assistance to Protect Residential and Commercial Utilities Customers
First Phase of the Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program
Announcing NJHMFA's Small Landlord Emergency Grant Program
Message from Your Local Social Security Administration - Brick, N.J. Office
FEMA Coastal Flood Study July 2020 Update
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Aug 15th 7:00 PM Council Meeting ...Non-Voter Taxpayer Meeting
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Tax Payment Grace Period Extended to Friday August 26, 2022 (pdf)
Garbage Collection Summer Schedule
Mayor's Memo - June 15, 2020

June 15 is a big day for Bay Head, in our reopening process for our residents and guests. Today is the day our Restaurants can open for outdoor seating if their plans are approved and they adhere to the guidelines put out by the state. Today is also the first day all nonessential retail businesses except hair salons (hair and nail salons and barber shops may open June 22) can allow people inside their stores With masks and social distancing. It is about time.

A lot of other things have gone on since my last memo. I will try and hit on most of them here. 

  1. Parking has been restored on East Avenue and all side streets East of Rte 35. Except the street ends East of East Avenue will remain closed. Note: two (2) hour parking limits will be posted on some streets and strictly enforced from June 15 on. 
  2. Our beaches are open but no swimming is allowed. Please maintain social distancing. June 20 our Beaches will officially open for the summer with lifeguards and badge checkers since badges are required from that day through Labor Day. Season Badges are $90 per person and Dailies are $9 per person. 
  3. Our outside public restrooms will be open June 20 from 8am to 6pm. Our two tennis courts will be open June 20 also.
  4. Work on the Groins (Jetties)  on the beach has ceased for the summer and all equipment is to be off now. Work will resume after Labor Day. All beaches will be open.
  5. Our Order To Show Cause filed to stop work at the New Jersey Transit train yard has been issued and on June 5 in Superior Court (telephonic hearing), Judge Troncone upheld the work stoppage on the proposed new substation ordering Bay Head to file with the Appellate Division, our case,  and he ordered Transit to appear before our Planning Board to present their proposal. That could take up to 60 days to hear their presentation at the Planning Board. Stay tuned for updates.
  6. Our Administrative staff is back in Borough Hall but only one person at a time. However, the public is allowed in on the first floor only to meet with them between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday.
  7. Our Recycling Center Is back to full shifts on Saturday and Sunday. It will be closed July 4. PLEASE note, masks are required and there are signs up showing exactly what items are not accepted at Recycling. Unfortunately, there have been a few instances where people entering feel they don’t have to abide by our rules. When pointed out to them, they have become rather rude to the attendant and cussed them out. That is not acceptable and I find it hard to belief anyone doing that would want it done to them. The police have been called on occasion and the matter dealt with. But it should not happen and I am surprised that it is our residents who do it. The attendants are simply doing their job as instructed. They deserve to be protected during these extraordinary times as do you and those dropping recyclables off. Please just come in and go out. No need to argue.
  8. Our first of the year Sunset Paddle was Sunday, June 7. It was very well attended with canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards. The next paddle is Sunday, July 5, one half hour before sunset. Meet at Twilight Lake.
  9. Sadly, our Summer Rec Program had to be cancelled mainly due to no available facility. Next year this popular program will be back.
  10. The Bay Head Science Camp will be held. Call for contact information. 
  11. Our Mayors Wellness Program, Bay Head Life, is in summer mode. Check their website at bayhead for programs offered. Contact Councilwoman Holly MacPherson for details and if you would like to volunteer to help us out. Her email is
  12. Garbage pickup is back to four days a week. Monday and Thursday south of Bridge Avenue and Tuesday and Friday north of Bridge Avenue. We had a Bulk pickup Monday, June 1. The next on is Monday, October 5. If you are experiencing problems with your garbage not being picked up and no good response from the toll free number, reach out to Councilman Andy Frizzell and let him know. He will get results for you. His email is .
  13. Our first Mayor’s Walk will be Wednesday, June 24. It will be on bicycle safety and you will see where we have a self serve fix it station for you to do minor repairs. Meet at the clock in town at 9am.
  14. We will have our second annual 4th of July Bicycle Parade again on, you guessed it, the 4th of July.
  15. Our Technology Group has been busy working with Bay Head Life to coordinate websites. The Technology Group is also evaluating a new Emergency Notification System which promises to be more efficient than our current system. They are also working with our web master to redesign our web site to make it much more user friendly.
  16. On July 1, we will hold our first virtual video Planning Board meeting and we will be using the GoToMeeting platform. If that works we may use it for our July 6 Council meeting. More information on how to enter the meeting will be forthcoming. 
  17. Document shredding will again be available at our recycling center on July 18th, 9-11am.
  18. Construction on Howe Park field is done but it still can’t be used. We seeded but the grass needs to take hold and grow. Next year it will be great.
  19. There is a barricade with additional poles at the end of Mount Street. This is to prevent cars from pulling into the street end to get beach badges. The parking spaces in there are for tenants in the building that used to be Applegate’s Hardware store. There is no stopping or standing allowed at that street end. It is very dangerous to pull a car in and then try and turn around or back out onto Lake Avenue.
  20. We have been working on revising the Sign Ordinance, the Rental Ordinance especially focusing on Short Term rentals, private property parking restrictions, revising the Stormwater Control Ordinance and trying to keep on top of the many many Executive Orders coming out of Trenton with little to no guidelines or direction. 

All in all though things are beginning to loosen up but caution is still the name of the game. I just ask that we all try to exercise good judgement in adjusting to this new way of living. Our main objective is to help prevent any resident or visitor to Bay Head from contracting COVID19.  

Stay well, be safe and most of all enjoy the summer and our beautiful town of Bay Head. We love having you here.

God Bless You All! 

Bill Curtis