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Raccoons Test Positive For Rabies. Up-To-Date Vaccinations For Pets Is Encouraged.
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Mayor's Message

Dear Neighbors:

These are without a doubt, unusual, if not scary times. However, I am convinced we will come out of this just fine, the same as we did after Super Storm Sandy. We just have to work as one like after Sandy and this time though listen to the pleas of our Governor who is doing a good job sailing in these in “chartered waters”.

Stay At Home: if you are in your primary residence stay there. If you are in your second home-stay there. Going back and forth not only increases your risk of contracting COVID19, but also puts your neighbors at risk.

     Maintain Social Distancing-6 feet apart is the suggested safe distance to keep.

     Keep group activity to 5 or less and maintain Social Distancing.

     When you go out wear a mask. All food stores require it now.

Now here are some things that have been going on in Bay Head:

  1. Borough Offices are closed to the public. We have said elsewhere there is a lock box in our lobby on the ground floor to your right as you enter and there are two bins on the table to the left of the elevator for mail or building plans.

    Snail mail is held in the post office but it is not picked up every day. If you have mailed us something please be patient. Our reply may be delayed but if a reply is needed it will get answered.
  2. Our Administrative staff is working from home.
  3. The Police Department is at full staff and working 24/7.
  4.  Public Works and our Recycling Center is open as usual Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm. Our PW employees are working every day. 

    Saturday and Sunday hours are 10:00am to 2:00pm.
    When dropping off recycling, maintain social distancing but only drop off what we can accept. There are large, new signs posted with articles that are NOT accepted attached. Please adhere to those signs. 
  5. Our April 6 Council meeting was held remotely. The public was able to call in and listen and ask questions. The same will occur for our May 4 Council meeting. Call in information will be posted. The meeting will start promptly at 7pm.
  6. Planning Board meetings are postponed until further notice.
  7. On Street Parking has been suspended until further notice for the entire length of East Avenue in Bay Head and Mantoloking.  There is no parking on all side streets in Bay Head East of Route 35 also. 

    Approved Construction vehicles with a permit will be able to park on all streets in front of the worksite.
  8. Unfortunately, our beaches are closed until further notice. We will reopen them as soon as we safely can and when Point Beach and Mantoloking open their’s with us  As an aside, the Governor will reopen all County and State Parks in his first wave of reopenings. No time set yet. 
  9. Work on repairing our 5 Groins ( When I grew up they were called Jetties) has begun. It is going slow but going on.
  10. Our Municipal Court is closed until further notice but our Judge has continued to handle emergent matters via telephone and through the State’s on line systems. 
  11. As you may have heard, New Jersey American Water has decommissioned our Water Tower. It is scheduled to come down in early 2021. The three (3) Cellular companies on the tower need a new home. We have hired a Consultant to assist us in dealing with them. As things progress we will keep you informed.
  12. New Jersey Transit met with us on January 8, 2020, to discuss the Substation Project they met with us on back in 2014. At that meeting they told us the project was going to start three (3) weeks from that meeting. Through the years our Quality Of Life Committee met with Transit frequently but we were continually told there was nothing new with the replacing of the damaged substations project. Transit says we had a public meeting in 2016, but for the life of me I can’t recall it, but it must be so. Anyway, we took exception to the timeline and short notice. Therefore, we have our Borough Attorney working on restructuring this project along with the Attorney for Save Barnegat Bay. We also retained Special Council knowledgeable in dealings with Transit and the Department of Transportation to assist us. Our efforts are still ongoing.

    Transit began to demolish the 1983 Substation Monday, April 20.
    Transit has also opened a website devoted to their substation project. Here is how you access that site:

    Then go to the About tab; click on Resilience Program; then go to the Projects tab then under “Other Repair and Resilience Initiatives”, click on “Bay Head Yard Substation Repair”. Good luck!
  13. In your walks around you may have passed our ball field at Howe Park on the corner of Club Drive and Metcalfe. That field has not been safe to use for any activity since Super Storm Sandy. Since we got no help from the State or from the County for that matter, we began to remediate the field ourselves,  several weeks ago. This is not an easy job but it is progressing nicely albeit slowly. At last report we are hopeful to have it ready to plant grass soon. 

    The field will not be ready for activities in 2020 but will be safe and ready in 2021. 
  14. Our school is still closed through at least May 15, 2020. It would be nice to open before the end of this ‘19/‘20 school year but that is not a certainty at this time. All students are learning from home and we must say, our teachers are doing a super job carrying on via computers. 
  15. On a “close to home”note, we have 5 or 6 residents who have tested positive for COVID19. 
  16. On a truly sad note, one of our Volunteer Firefighters, David Clark, died April 18, from complications due to COVID19. He was only 47. He leaves behind a wife who is a member of our Fire Police and a son who is a member of our Fire Department. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the rest of our truly amazing Fire Department. 

I am sure I have gone on too long. I hope you are still with me here. I will make an effort to do this more frequently. To be kept up to date please refer to our website. We update it daily or as important information comes to us. Our website is

That is all for now. Stay safe, stay healthy, continue Social Distancing, wear a mask while out but by all means remain OPTMISTC. We will get through this. We are a strong and resilient bunch here in Bay Head. Better days are ahead, believe me. 

God Bless You!
Bill Curtis