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February 26, 2016

Hello again. Winter is not over, but it is winding down.

A lot is happening on Route 35, that never-ending project.

  • First of all, Agate is continuing to work on the pipes under Route 35.
  • The pump stations are still not working as they should. We are urging the Department of Transportation (DOT) to get them working properly. There is still the continuing odor, the constant running and what appears to be increased flooding on Mount and Goetze Streets.
  • Resurfacing all of East Avenue is still planned for completion before the Summer season, we hope before Memorial Day.
  • Crosswalks have been proposed by the state engineer for four Route 35 intersections: Strickland, Chadwick, Howe and Karge Streets.
  • Traffic signal enhancements for all four traffic signals are proposed for Johnson and Mount Streets and Bridge and Osborne Avenues. The lights will be controlled electronically.
  • At my request, the DOT considered left-turn arrows on the four traffic lights. According to the State’s Engineer from Parson’s, such arrows would only be possible at Route 35 and Bridge Avenue.  If that happens, twenty-two parking spaces would be eliminated on Route 35.

Our new Borough Hall is underway with a target date for completion and full occupancy by August 1, 2016.  We can only hope.

The new restaurant being constructed on Bridge Avenue is almost closed in. When that is completed, work will begin on the inside. It is hoped that the restaurant will be open by the July 4th weekend, but there are no guarantees!

The street peddlers ordinance is being reviewed to determine the number and type (ice cream and food venders) of service. Your feedback would be appreciated.

That's all for now. Continue to be safe and healthy. Summer is not far away!