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January 13, 2016 Memo

January 13, 2016

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy 2016!

The Traffic Signal Study and Crosswalk Study were supposed to have been presented at our January 4, 2016 Council Meeting but the DOT postponed that presentation until our February 16, 2016 Council Meeting which will be held at 7:00 p.m. in our Fire House.  Please note that this is a Tuesday evening due to Monday being a holiday.

I announced at the January 4 meeting that 2016 will see more enforcement of Garbage Pickup Ordinance.  We pay for backyard or sideyard pickup so cans aren’t cluttering the streets of Bay Head twice a week.  The cans must be shielded from public view “at all times”.  We have become careless lately, so we will start to enforce this ordinance.  Let’s be respectful of our neighbors who comply with the garbage collection rules.

Other areas where we have become careless are observing the Line of Sight Ordinance on corners where there is no traffic signal or at the ends of driveways where cars are trying to enter a street.  Another area is cars and trucks that park across sidewalks forcing pedestrians into the street to get around them.  There are other areas of concern like trimming trees and shrubs away from sidewalks so people may pass safely.  Please observe all these laws which are designed to promote safety for everyone.

The Borough continues to work on improvements but along with that comes inconvenience for some residents.  Work on our roads is still ongoing, especially with regard to new hookups by NJNG.  Streets will be blocked, but if you live on that street you will continue to have access.   And remember, it won’t be forever!  It just seems like that.  On the plus side, the workers on the streets employed by Kiely (NJNG) and Perna Finnegan (NJAW) are courteous and helpful.

The Back Bay/Coastal Lake Study spearheaded by our Congressman, Chris Smith, WILL include Twilight Lake, and it will address what is called “Nuisance Flooding.”  However, that study will take about four or five years.

This is all for now.  Have a safe Winter wherever you may be.