Court Reservation and Pickleball Clinics

tennis court

Court Reservation and and Pickleball Clinics will be through Community Pass 

Community Pass Help Page

Thank you for looking into our Bay Head Community Pass. 
We are very excited to have this new system on our website to help with the scheduling of activities on our courts and in our parks.

Please note, that in order to sign up for any event for pickleball or court reservation, it needs to be completed through Community Pass.  Courts are reserved in the time slot requested which means you have the court for that specific time.  When you reserve the court, it will appear on the schedule. If the court is in use when you arrive, simply show your reservation to the group playing so they will vacate the court.  We do not anticipate any problems, as this system will help with any confusion.

You may reserve a court for an hour at a time.  They are reserved at the top of the hour.

Example: 9am-10am

Things to note:

The fee is $25.00 for Residents and $75.00 for Non-residents.

Residents can schedule 72-hours in advance.

Non-residents can schedule 24-hours in advance.

Current events on Community Pass include pickleball clinics and open play.

We will be hosting other events through Community Pass in the future.

We also have a Team Reach App that will give you more information as needed.